CARTABIANCA is authentic and primitive art.
Cartabianca is a group of artists working free from commissions,with no compromises.
Whit the photographer Dimitri Dimitracacos and the designer Demis Valle behind it, the project was born with the purpose of joining different artistic and professional figures who share the deepest idea of quality and honesty in the process of artistic creation.
Arranging exhibitions and events, CARTABIANCA produces and promotes the work of photographers, painters, sculptors, visual artists and designers brought together by the same principles and who fight to preserve that rare ethics in the art system with the same strong passion.
We strongly believes that Cartabianca, besides promoting the works of the artists in optimal way, should serve as a platform for the exchange of ideas about art and culture.
Cartabianca investigate possible correlations between artists, its richness is given by sharing ideas and visions and what the differents visions can give to a single project.
One space in which to collect, share and propose the heterogeneous results of personal investigations by each member of the group.

For the 2015 Arles Photo Festival, CARTABIANCA presents the exhibition “LIKE YOU” in which four italians photographers celebrate the women universe.
Like You displays a selection of works ranging from fashion photography by Dimitri Dimitracacos to the sophisticated portraits by Daniele Duella, shifting from Laura Majolino’s movie sets to the contemporary and irreverent nudes by Massimo Pamparana.

Even in summer 2015 CARTABIANCA presents the work of three greek visual Artist called THE EYE AND FINGER universe of dark room by Apollonas Glikas Andreas KAlli and Ilias Sipsas.

For the 2016 Cartabianca was present in Arles during the 16 Festival de la photo de Nu with the project Aucune Formalitè by Dimitri Dimitracacos. and for Les Rencontres de la Photographie, from July to September, with three solo exhibitions:
THE FALL Crash yourself as you are by Laura Majolino a study about the last memory of a body and the vitality within it, O DROMOS a reportage on the trails of the migrant tragedy by Dimitri Dimitracacos and OCULTO by Matteo Astolfi, a study about subjects and moments related to invisibility. Rigorously shaped around the research of the highest quality, this self produced project aims at finding new inspirations and establishing possible collaborations. The printing process was developed by Milan’s Fahrenheit Lab with the latest generation techniques and papers. Starting from a specific interest towards photography, Cartabianca explores every forms of art and will present exhibitions and events in order to promote recognized artists as well as emerging ones.

For info please contact Dimitri at 0039 349 2755523 (Italy) or 0033 06 27374124 (France).
Email:  dimitridimitracacos@gmail.com